Professional JMS Programming
Professional JMS Programming
byPaul Giottaet al. ISBN:1861004931
Apress 2000 (664 pages)

Written for those with a solid grounding in Java network programming and familiarity with the J2EE environment, this guide shows how you can use Java Message Service (JMS) to create robust, asynchronous, loosely-coupled Java applications.

Table of Contents
Professional JMS Programming
Chapter 1 - Introduction to Messaging Applications, MOM, and JMS
Chapter 2 - JMS API Fundamentals
Chapter 3 - JMS Messages
Chapter 4 - Point-to-Point Messaging
Chapter 5 - Publish/Subscribe Messaging
Chapter 6 - Web Applications and JMS
Chapter 7 - Enterprise JavaBeans and JMS
Chapter 8 - JMS and Clustering
Chapter 9 - Distributed Logging Using JMS
Chapter 10 - XML Messaging
Chapter 11 - JMS for Mobile Applications and Wireless Communication
Appendix A - JMS Providers and JNDI
Appendix B - Message Selector Syntax
Appendix C - Emerging XML Standards
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