I would suggest you to perform a startup repair using a Windows 7 installation disc. Otherwise the space not enough of C: Sent the netbook for warranty. You need to install drivers download from the manufacture website. Hence, most of the PC makers out there stop introducing new netbook models.

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Aerogate Netbook H-S30 boot problem – Badcaps Forums

Hence I have no choice but to totally for aerogxte drive and install from scratch. Tried everything to no avail Can this notebook support it?

Track this topic Receive email notification when a reply has been made to this topic and you are not active on the board. The hdd is Toshiba branded lol. I not a newbie for this. I have the 1 malaysia netbook and i cant use it.

AeroGATE H-S30 Drivers

Otherwise the space not enough of C: Would like to know where to do warranty aerogafe as my battery is faulty when I received d netbook. You boot into windows 7 DVDand at there you restore using aerogats recovery partition and fix it Added on May 13, This netbook is given to students who in need through 1 Malaysia free netbook program by our government.


These buttons allow you to select which of your PC’s pre-selected components you wish to monitor. From the photo, clearly that the touch area shares the same piece of plastic as the netbook body. It hang whenever i connect to wifi. VFD Indicatorfrom V.

This post has been edited by kailoonthedog: Btw, i check dc on yellow cmos battery is dc 3. For info, i had attached front and back of MB. The biggest problem is my network dapter WLAN,wireless Show posts by this member only Post 2.

Show posts by this member only Post 8. On the right of the unit, you can spot its built-in cooling fan, while to the left you can see the various wire interconnects. Sent the netbook for warranty. The time now is Just remember to buy the 2. So how does it perform? Hello friends,How to apply,1 Malaysia netbook. Oh wait, it has gloss surface, hmm what does that mean?


Beside,unless there are too many file rosak,you will don’t need to format to clean the virus. It is so netbok in that sometimes I accidentally swipe my fingers outside the border. Unless your customer buys new retail Win 7 that is.

TS last post in this thread was May 14 Aerogate Netbook H-S30 boot problem. Not all driver is loaded win win 7. Most of the units has unknown brand of HDD installed rather being Hitachi.