Whatever way you get your video, you can hack it around in Ulead VideoStudio v4. Note that the tests were carried out with the disabled Vsync. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. But the frequency was set to MHz in order to provide high reliability. If someone made me use a V, I wouldn’t mind at all. However, let’s look at the game Quake3 level q3dm9 with this card used, where there are many large textures, and you’ll see a different picture while testing, the options were at maximum:

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Balanced design increases overall system performance. Get it too hot and the device will stop working. GeForce2 Pro based cards have got faster memory, what makes gamable all higher resolutions. This is all very well, I suppose, but the expected xgp of any video card running at its stock speed is pretty much the same as the expected lifespan of a CPU – in other words, it’ll normally last until it’s worth nothing.

At first glance, the only thing that sets the V apart from a plain vanilla GeForce2 f7700 its unconventional round main-chip cooler.

Asus AGP-V Pure Review

There you can see a full work of atp filtering, anisotropic filtering, S3TC support what allows you to see marvelous scenes with detailed objects at special levels. It makes me feel more of a man. Think of it as being like a speedometer that goes up to kilometres an hour but is on the dash of a 1. You don’t need a super-card to do DVD playback, by the way. It is rather fast memory that is able to operate at the regular frequency of MHz or at the effective one of MHz.


Asus v7700 GeForce2 GTS

Drives, the processor and sundry other components all contribute heat to the air inside asuus computer, and the less air flows through the case, the higher the temperature gets. SmartDoctor system isn’t here also.

Which is a lot for a graphics card, but not actually all that steep for a GeForce2. When the Ultras are out, a plain GTS board will cost less than half as much – heck, it’ll probably cost less than half as v700 even if GTS prices don’t xgp at all. Log in Don’t have an account? They’ve all got pretty much the same raw performance – some can be wound up a bit further above stock speed than others, but the difference is trivial.

Hardware features At first glance, the only thing that sets the V apart from a plain vanilla GeForce2 is its unconventional round main-chip cooler.

Asus AGP-V Pro GeForce2 GTS Pro

Sets a new milestone for realism. As you remember we have already mentioned the ASUSTeK company many times, for it is a avp brandname on the market. The overclocked Leadtek using its 1. Software includes the drivers, and other stuff like DVD playback software and games. Full frame rate DVD to i resolution.

Note that game possibilities are very promising for all resolutions, even at xx32 you can play some single player games. Write a comment below. The test on Quaver was implemented in two modes as well: I turned the thermal protection feature off and kept on trucking; crashes came there none. But I think the Leadtek’s the better card.


However, as you can see even 4 nc memory works already at the breaking point and requires both lower clocking and additional cooling. Price, extras and software. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Detects and monitors any environmental deviation from the user-configurable agl.

But the clock ssus chop causes a big performance hit, easily halving the frame rate if you’re running in a high-ish resolution. They’re all AGP cards and capable of the 4X maximum AGP speed mode, too, though the real performance difference this gives over 2X on current systems is very close to zero, and 2X isn’t much better than 1X either. Now, overheating a chip doesn’t mean it’ll be fried.

Even then, it’s a stretch; you need about a 0. That’s why with the increase of graphics core power and memory speed or bandwidth the gap between 64 MBytes cards and 32 MBytes analogs will grow wider as far as performance is concerned.

I’ve dealt with SmartDoctor before, in my review of the V Pure here ; in brief, it doesn’t turn my crank.