It is used to create IP address numbers used only within a particular network. You only need to set this once, and then easily switch configurations when you change your location. Use only with supplied antenna. You can even export the configuration settings to a file and import them to other computers for fast multiple installations using ASUS Mobile Manager. Data Rate Select the transmit data rate fix or auto. Some vendors refer to this level of WEP as bits and others refer to this as bits. Chapter 5 Glossary Firewall A firewall determines which information passes in and out of a network.

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If the antenna is positioned less than [2. In the departments listed below, for the entire 2.

The Edit Configuration dialog contains various settings, which you select by clicking the buttons at the left of the window. Select the configuration you want to use and then click Activate Configuration from the Activate pull-down menu.

Click Next after reading the information. Access Points combined wl-103v a distributed system support the creation of multiple radio cells that enable roaming throughout a facility. Do one of the following: Automatic Generation – Type a combination of up to letters, numbers, or symbols in the Magic Word column, then it will automatically generate WEP Keys.

Troubleshooting — Click on this to show the Troubleshooting utility. Chapter 3 Mobile Manager Using the pull-down menu and toolbar The following topics show the commands available from the Mobile Manager pull-down menu and toolbar. Use outdoors on public property is not permitted. The worst case maximum authorized power indoors is: Select Quick logon to wait until the shared network drives is actually used to attempt wl–103b login.

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ASUS WLb – WikiDevi

Operation is subject to the following two conditions: In principle, the higher the RSSI, the better your communications quality. Rename – Change the name of the selected configuration. The chipping sequence lw-103b combined with a transmitted data stream to produce the output signal.

The laws of information theory tie frequency, radiated power and distance together in an inverse relationship.

The version information includes the ndis version, driver name, and driver version. Radio Frequency RF Terms: If your link quality or signal strength is poor, rescanning can be used to push the radio off a weak Access Point and search for a better link with another Access Point.

ASUS SpaceLink WLB Specs – CNET

If you enable WEP asu, you will only be able to communicate with wireless devices that have use the same WEP keys. Unauthorized antenna, modification, or attachments could damage the transmitter and may violate FCC regulations. Save as Profile Later, when you make individual settings, you may want to use profiles to save your settings. The benefits include the sharing of Internet access, files and equipment like printers and storage devices.

After specifying the appropriate information on lw-103b page, click Next to continue.

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ASUS WL-103b

Follow the on-screen instructions, it will guide you through the process of specifying the settings in your configuration. A packet usually includes routing information, data, and auss error detection information. It allows quick access to some of the most useful features of Mobile Manager.

Some vendors refer to this level of WEP as bits and others refer to this as bits. As a result, you can have up to twelve access points set to different channels in the same area without them interfering with each other.

As long as the Access Point or station with which you are communicating has the same key in the same position, you can use any of the keys as the default.

WL103B WIRELESS LAN PC CARD User Manual +WL-103b 9-3-03.p65 ASUSTeK Computer Inc

For complete compatibility, do not use spaces or symbols. Automatic Generation – Type a combination of up to 64 letters, numbers, or symbols in the Passphrase column, then the Wireless Settings Utility uses an algorithm to generate four WEP Keys for encryption. This can also be used as a backup feature for yourself. Devices that comply with the After you have created your configurations, you can see them in the main window.