Is it the graphics card g that is responsible for proper EDID reading and if so would simply changing to another graphics card possibly an ATI solve the problem? I figure if the available resolutions don’t allow a given res, there must be a good reason for it. All replies Drop Down menu. Best bet, one of the three listed cards. Now, I had it working that way before, so I must have used a hack of some sort to allow it. June 16, ,

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945G Vista 1680×1050 no EDID read (monitor shows 1440×900)

Nov 26, I wonder if it’s Vista’s fault or G’s fault? User profile for user: Thanks – now I need to find a video card atk does x, is AGP.

Or, is there way to create a new driver? But if there’s someone out there who has done it Not saying I won’t give Powerstrip a try, but Agi like small answers over larger ones when I can. All of this could possibly be due to the EDID read fail; have you tried the alternative drivers at.

If it did drive it, yes it would be distorted. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here.


x res on PowerMac G4 with ATI Rage Pro?? | MacRumors Forums

I’m afraid of frying the monitor. The step to 20″ is a big one for the Rage and results are mixed.

All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners. Therewould be loss of visual resolution due to the scaling, though.

Jun 26, The card might not list x, or might refuse it if it is requested. I had a similar experience.

Posted on Jul 27, 1: If a simple registry patch will work, I’d like to give it a try first before installing something extra.

Jul 27, 4: So, I’m not going to hack my way thru it.

Ati Rage 128 Xpert 2000 PRO – (driver for) 1440×900

No go, I guess it just can’t be done I might try installing older drivers, the ones I have are from AMD and are marked “beta”, if I can find them with some assurance that they would be worth trying. Please login or register. All times are GMT Thanks a lot for your help, Vlad. I’m thinking of getting a cheap Nvidia and see how that goes ; Anyway, thanks for the tips Jul 28, Generally speaking, supported resolutions are “up to” a certain resolution, including all that fall within.


I went through the registry when I first discovered the mode was missing, but don’t remember coming across something like that. But doing the math, it just didn’t have the RAM to handle it take a little over aati for x at 32 bits.

August 28, Second, it also would not allow x mode even at 16bit. Links monetized by VigLink. I’m not sure how i managed it in the end, but after a few hours following the mentioned registry changes from toastytech, updating the matrox bios to the latest one, 140×900 matroxs mga tools for custom monitors resolutions and refresh rates by manually editing the profiles text files for and installing the latest drivers version ?

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