Some MB of user storage is included, but this can be expanded by popping a Memory Stick Micro M2 card in the side slot cards up to 4GB capacity are supported. Sign up for our free newsletter. Naturally, Sony Ericsson has included its usual media player facilities. Geared up for an active, outdoorsy kind of user, this 3. Camera action A camera button on the side starts up the shooter, though naturally the lens cover has to be opened for snapping to begin.

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Sony Ericsson C review. Sell Sony Ericsson C Geared up for an active, outdoorsy kind of user, this 3. Although colour was unusually vibrant, we did notice some oversaturated tones on some close-in subjects.

This three-month trial freebie introduces step-by-step voice guidance, with an in-car-style Sat Nav interface to help you along with routes and 2D and 3D views as you’re moving along.

Similarly speedy, you can download music tracks and video clips over the air to the phone. Image quality from the camera is reasonable rather than exceptional. Instead, the C follows another Cyber-shot standard, using illuminated icon buttons when the camera is switched on, marking the 3, 5, 9 and buttons as camera function shortcut keys.

The C uses a less elegant lens cover solution that the C’s minimalist ‘spy-camera’-style slide open mechanism; the C has a chunky slide-down panel protecting the lens, reminiscent of the Ki. The A-GPS Assisted Global Positioning technology built into the C also means you can ‘geotag’ your photos – with information stored in the image file about the precise geographical location of the snap.

Latest Sony Ericsson C Prices. There’s a two-light LED flash which doubles up as a torchwhich ericzson some illumination for low light shooting – though not as effectlvely as higher-end xenon flashes.


However, the system isn’t quite as sensitive and responsive as a standalone Sat Nav kit, and the phone has to get updates for maps over reicsson air with, potentially, extra data costs incurred.

Most of Sony Ericsson’s standard Cyber-shot controls are present, for adjusting white balance and exposure for various shooting environments, plus the usual sort of colour tints, picture size, frames, and timer options. The start page is set up neatly for users, with Google search and an address bar on top of the page, plus a slot for RSS web feeds and history to make browsing relatively intuitive.

Sign up for our free newsletter. The screen is slightly larger sojy the C’s – it’s a 2. Design and handling It may be built for added durability, but the C isn’t designed to be taken for a swim.

Conclusion The Sony Ericsson C has some obvious attractions, particularly if you’re looking for a phone that can take some light water and dirt punishment but still has ericxson decent set of up to date features. Outdoors types with hefty fingers might be put off by its closely arranged keyboard set-up, but Its really the sort of the phone that’s more urban adventurer than hard-as-nails roughneck.

The New Budget Android King.

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It’s not ideal, as it’s possible to mis-press certain keys if you’re not precise. Elsewhere it puts in a solid performance, and packs in a decent spread of functionality. You might expect an outdoors phone to have large buttonry for wet or frozen finger-friendliness, but no. The C does have the regular PhotoFix software to automatically tweak shots after capture, and also has some photo editing software inside.

Sony Ericsson covers all the bases when it comes to its customary lineup of organiser features and tools, including calendar, tasks, notes, calculator, voice recorder, and various timer and clock functions. It has an autofocus system,with eony face detection and macro close-up options giving control over how you compose and capture images.


Sony Ericsson C702 pictures

Wayfinder is a real bonus, but isn’t a replacement for an in-car kit, and doesn’t match the slick ease of use found in Sat Nav software packages for smartphones. To get a really top-class performance you may have to find yourself a spare set of Walkman earphones. The navigation D-pad, however, is nicely raised, making it easy to negotiate the menus and scroll speedily. Camera action A camera button on the side starts up the shooter, though naturally the lens cover has to be opened for snapping to begin.

Like the A-GPS-equipped Wi, the C not only has Google Maps – which allows you to search for addresses, businesses and services, get detailed route planning over the air and check out satellite images – there’s also a trial version of Wayfinder Navigator software pre-loaded.

The standard Sony Ericsson NetFront web browser can zip around websites speedily, offering a decent user interface to help you search and browse sites.

Sony Ericsson C702 review – Pictures

The LED flash is strong but not particularly subtle in low light. The outer casing has a bit of rubber feel material, and a screw-lockable back panel, but doesn’t have an excessively padded or heavyweight feel – it measures h x 48 w x 16 d mm and weighs a reasonable g.

These are presented in the regular slick user interface, with the music player offering a familiar of categories to browse through.