In addition to the cryptic notations “WB-1”, “WB-2”, etc, the user interface now displays informative icons the sun, an incandescent bulb, fluorescent tubes to indicate what white balance setting is selected. Conversely, Spin PhotoObject lets you take pictures of an object from all sides, and then combine them into a QuickTime “object” that you can turn and look at different sides of on your computer. A word of caution though: With the QV and now the ‘, we suspect the vast majority of these situations could be salvaged! At 7 ounces g without batteries, it’s toward the lighter end of the range for cameras in its class. At closest approach, it captured an area as small as 4. As with most similarly-equipped cameras, the LCD panel on the QV consumes large amounts of power.

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In scenes with contrasty lighting, you’re likely to lose detail in both the shadows and the highlights. The advantage of a direct LCD viewfinder is that it avoids the parallax problems of optical viewfinders at close quarters, letting you see exactly what the lens is looking at, a particularly useful feature when doing macro photography.

Color accuracy on the QV was quite good, with good saturation relative to other units we’ve tested. No slight intended to the QV here though: Misc by Wayne Cunningham Aug 26, Normally, this requires either a special tripod head, or a lot of guesswork.

Casio QV-770

On the Windows platform, the maximum data-transfer rate is 57, baud. We’ve heard from earlier QV-camera users that the lower operating voltage of most rechargeable batteries can cause the camera to fatally “hang” as the batteries approach the end of their usable charge.

77 Perhaps the best way to understand what the QV offers is to liken it to “push processing” of film, in which changes are made during development to increase the film’s sensitivity, at the expense of larger grain and less resolution.


To review your images more quickly, you can switch to a 4-up or 9-up index display via the “menu” button. We can’t verify this, but suggest you be very careful not to push your batteries too far: The answer probably lies in the fact that the methodology for calculating “equivalent ISO speed” hasn’t been defined yet for digital cameras, and Casio doesn’t want to run afoul of any future direction taken by the international standards committees. caxio

Digital cameras data sheet – Casio QV

The QV was the first Casio digital camera to include an on-board flash, where we found it a welcome addition that we’re pleased to see continued in the QV Up to 32 such images can be captured at 0. Also, the camera would sometimes take a few seconds to respond to an exposure compensation change, which could result in losing a critical shot. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read.

Video Output Casio was one of the first companies to include video output capability on their cameras, a function that is now commonplace. We found the “live” LCD viewfinder was both quite accurate, and very predictable: The QV’s macro lens setting performed well: Sadly, none of the short-interval timed-exposure modes can be used with the flash, as it can’t cycle nearly fast enough to keep up with such cadio exposures.

This has proved to be somewhat of a mixed blessing for the manufacturers though, in that they are wrongly blamed for fuzzy images that often are the fault of the photographer.

Overall, video-out is a handy feature, and one that we’d rather have than do without. In practice though, we found the steps between compensation levels weren’t uniform, sometimes making it 7770 to achieve exactly the exposure we were trying for.


Misc Sep 13, The wider setting corresponds to a very fast f2. When you realize that the longest exposure time the camera is capable of is over four times slower, you can appreciate the need to brace or otherwise support cssio camera in some fashion when shooting under dim conditions.

Casio QV Manuals

Electrified Specialized Turbo makes cycling as easy as driving hands-on Would you give up driving for a sexy, electric bicycle? What Casio has done in the QV and in most of their other QV-series cameras is to use greater amplification on the CCD signal when shooting in low light than is common among other manufacturers.

At 7 ounces g without batteries, it’s toward the lighter end of the range for cameras in its class. Even here though, Casio goes the conventional approach one or two better, with three caeio options: All of these basic applications allow full control over uploading and downloading to or from the camera, and are all you really need to get images into or out of the QV When in record mode, each press of the “mode” button advances you to the next capture mode, as indicated by the icon at the top of the LCD panel.

Casio QV 770 – digital camera

This means the QV casik comfortably if a little heavily into an average shirt pocket. Camera-Camera Connections Shoot them, collect them, trade them with your friends!

Casio QV – digital camera.