Symbols The following words and symbols mark special messages throughout this guide. Ensure that all cables are proplerly and securely connected. It is necessary to remove on the parts listed in the written procedure. Probable Cause Solution s Paper tray is empty. Put the bootable diskette in drive A. Screens were the same, cases were highly similar and many components were interchangeable with those of the such as the LCD inverters, processors and housing. A narrow black border may also appear on the left and right sides of the display.

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Page 44 Presario Series Models: The features in the are generally mirrored in the XL, with the unternal notable differences being the change to an Intel processor architecture.

Compaq Presario – Wikipedia

compaa Hard Drive Cable 1c. Page 66 Presario Series Models: Retrieved from ” https: Apply only the tension required to seat or unseat the cables during insertion or removal from the connector.

Press any key or touch the TouchPad. Symbols The following words and symbols mark special messages throughout this guide.

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Compaq Presario 1200

A number of Presario series notebooks exist with Celeron or Pentium III processors as well, primarily found in the later designs.

Page 98 Presario Series Models: This article relies too much on references to primary sources.

Remove two screws from the hard drive mounting bracket and lift out the hard drive with mounting bracket attached. Page 85 Presario Series Models: The battery pack should be removed before performing any internal maintenance on the Notebook. You can display, print, or save the information.

Power light is off, screen is blank. Physical differences include a silver lid, different display hinge configuration, and a slightly rearranged motherboard layout. Diskette Boot has incorrect setting in Computer Setup. These changes render this generation of Presario distinctly incompatible at the component level with most of its predecessors. Page 47 Presario Series Models: Page 74 Presario Series Models: For simplicity’s sake, I used only two logical partitions for Linux: See also Verifying Dip Switch Settings.

Linux on a Compaq XL

Page 24 Presario Series Models: One caveat is that when I first tried this driver, it hung the computer. After spending some time using the Toshibas’ Trackpoint pointing devices and 120 Compaq’s keyboard, though, I decided I preferred the touchpad pointing device used on the other manufacturers’ machines and the Compaq’s keyboard.


Page 1 Presario Series Models: I’m not a big KDE fan to begin with, so I configured the computer to use icewm instead, resulting in much better performance.

When replacing the system board, remove the memory module and all cables from the system board.

HP Compaq Presario,Presario 1200 Supplementary Manual

Remove the upper CPU cover pg For the removal and replacement of a particular subassembly, see Removal and Replacement Procedures. Modem netword PC Card does not work. Cable s of new external device are loose or power cables are unplugged.

There is a XL with model number “12XL” too. One oddity of this driver is that it disables sound in Windows after a warm reboot, so I’ve got to power down the computer before booting Windows if I want sound in Windows.