The updates were promised months ago and they still aren’t here. Weaksause-you just made my day. The omission of any extra ‘positive’ comparisons in regards to the X is that I should think the readers are sophisticated enough to realise that the Nuo-5 doesn’t have a matrix input system, parametric eq, sampler etc. Nice job Deft, however I found your comments disparaging and outdated regarding the X crossfader, especially when you personally tried the updated software at Plasa which totally removed the crossfader decay. On November 25, , drrrrrr Must be a hunk of crap, eh?

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Ecler NUO 5 Professional DJ Mixer | eBay

Thanks Deft for the review, I liked it. On November 26,ecldr beezy said this: Bugger off and go peddle your wares elsewhere. On November 26,Lo said this: Otherwise, I’m keeping out of this. On November 28,Jonny Thrice said this: On November 26,Gizmo said this: Then the answer is no Earn points [?

Learn the difference between, opinion, fact and bashing. I can sit here and argue and compare the features of the NUO-5 vs. I’ll tell you something now It must be a hard life playing with new kit: I’ve agonised over putting up a forum for ages.


On November 25,professorbx said this: Eclef Offer Part Exchange. On November 25,Deft said this: On November 25,Mr Kcon said this: This powerful equalization system allows you to completely cut off the frequency bands and gives and incredible versatility to the mix on stage.

Ecler Nuo 5 Mixer

The NUO5 simply features the best analog components available in the market today. If the Nuo-5 had matrix inputs and proper shaping for the upfaders it would be a real monster!. Warranty Information When purchasing goods from huo5 Cash Converters Marketplace, customers are entitled to assume: It was just my natural thought process in my initial approach to the review.

The NUO5 features the award winning Eternal inductive crossfader, based mixr a contactless magnetic field control.

But to start pointing out where the Denon “prevails” over the Denon is a bit over the top because it was a review of the NUO-5 and, well, because nobody has asked for your comparison. Any videos or audio samples of the effects? Send to a friend.


I will also do my best to help you find a distributor in your area. Here are some points and facts of the NUO-5 in addition to Defts review: My finger now hovers over eler “delete entire forum” button.

Ecler Nuo 5 – 4 Channel Mixer Reference: My comment regarding the X crossfader decay time issue is fair considering no official update has been released to correct the problem at the time of writing – 9 months on from release. Ecler Nuo 5 Mixer. I apologize if my response eecler hostile, but you must understand that your past reputation online hasnt been well received.

Other reps don’t have problems praising their competition or taking constructive criticism.