No DVI outputs are available on these computing blades. I did some investigations under Windows XP to see, how the register settings are here. The bios you are using only lists the primary DAC in the connector table, so the driver has no knowledge of the second DAC. After a bit of hunting around, it appears the KVM connects pins 4 and 11 to ground when the focus is off that monitor, so that graphics drivers are fooled into thinking a Colour CRT x is connected. Is this intended somehow? Comment 31 Alex Deucher

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You can use xrandr to force the output on: Can you send me your bios?

ATI ES1000

Starting the machine without the graphical environment, the result is 0xe How we collect and use information is described in our Privacy Policy. I havn’t yet downloaded the driver to search for the piece of code which is changing the register.

Comment 23 Alex Deucher Please correct me if this was not the intention: If you want it to be dynamic though, you really need to use xrandr. The monitor with the bleached out look stays on.


– Display is washed out on 2nd monitor – ATI ES chipset

Either update dixplay bios as Adalbert did or use the following options to force the connector table: What I need is to force this same behaviour with VGA I did some investigations under Windows XP to see, how the register settings are here. This fits also to the settings seen under Windows. We just have to ensure that the monitor is powered on and connected when the blade with the ATI ES boots.

Hence maybe the Vendor has done something unique in their hardware here to force this specific behaviour?

If you want you can just hack the driver to always detect the monitors as connected. So, the default after boot up seems to be correct.

Comment 25 Geoff N I did a diff on the settings for FC5 and FC8 as follows using radeontool: Comment 6 Geoff N Thanks for your continued help with this. Comment 5 Alex Deucher Is this intended somehow? Each computing blade has a VGA connector on the blade this is the primary and a Rear-transition module with another VGA connector this is the secondary.

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Comment 21 Alex Deucher After applying the change to xorg.

Old ES driver for Windows | Community

I can provide a patch if you like. Comment 17 Alex Deucher Two VGA ports I assume? Output of ‘git log’ after ‘git clone git: I was able to fix the problem on the 2nd monitor by doing the following using the hacked radeontool: Maybe your system has an old pre Either run ‘xrandr –auto’ to redetect the attached monitors or force the output on as per comment Comment 12 Geoff N It is only Fedora Core 8 latest rpm that is ex1000 the fault as described in initial Bug report.