End of Service Life. You can also structure records into playlists and then transfer files to a Creative NOMAD player connected to a computer. The respective output of the Audigy Platinum eX has similar parameters. Unlike the Audigy which has a lot of different variations, the Extigy has only one modification. Interesting points here include the fact that the MiniDisc Center inserts pauses between songs so that your MiniDisc unit separates the tunes. With the Sound Blaster Extigy, Creative Labs gives computer music fans seven outputs and five audio inputs of pretty much every kind.

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Creative Labs Sound Blaster Extigy

For the Extigy you can set manually a frequency of audio data transfer via a USB bus, as well as a primary sampling rate in which all other frequencies will be converted in a real time mode.

Hardware capabilities The Extigy uses a special chipset of the same name.

Extiy who likes to pester busy people with connection of Creative sound cards and setting of different operating modes should, first of all, read carefully user manuals in the PDF format. Hardware decoding of the DolbyDigital turns on a respective lamp on the front panel of the Extigy. The conversion formula 20 log 0. If there are ID3 tags, it’s possible to group music according to performers and genres. The digital scheme can be changed for another.

Since this device has so many inputs and outputs, it’s only natural that it comes with no fewer than nine different applications to parse everything extigg in and out: When placed horizontally, the unit stands on 4 rubber legs, while in the vertical position it stands on two plastic supports. Software features According to the CoolEdit Pro diagnostics, the Extigy supports all known sound recording and reproduction formats.


The Extigy adds a long list of sojnd and output jacks to your desktop. With this external sound card attached via USB, your computer can send and receive audio to and from MiniDisc players, DVD players, home-theatre systems, surround-sound speakers, microphones, guitars, MIDI drum machines and almost any other audio dxtigy you can think of, in digital, analogue, or Dolby Digital surround sound.

However, a record device is monophonic.

If an earlier PlayCenter v1. Creative advertises this option as a possibility to lower load on a processor and a USB bus. This is a basic mode for any sound card. Analogue stereo soound and output volume levels can be adjusted using knobs on the front of the Extigy, via the taskbar mixer or with the Creative Audio Mixer.

The device connects a computer only via a USB cable, that is why it will be useful for owners of notebooks or other computers who do not want or can’t install sound cards into spund PCs.

Besides, some people can consider a position of a listener queer when he is not in front of the imagined scene but on extigg band-master’s place. System requirements According to Creative, you must have the following things to install the Extigy: In order to utilise the additional features in this driver revision, it will be necessary to install the firmware update V1.

Music does come from the center and rear satellites but the stereo panorama gets worse. It is interesting that now, when Creative made a transition to I2S codecs, the company explains that the most of other sound cards and mainboards equipped with AC’97 codecs do not allow for high-quality sound.


If you need the IEEE and at the same time an external unit dound the maximum number of different interfaces you’d better go with Audigy Platinum or Audigy Platinum eX. Video 3Digests Video cards: Creative Disc Detector Patch Filesize: The hardware decoder must be using a compressor because the sound it produces is too loud and clear.

Creative Sound Blaster Extigy:

End of Service Life. However, there are some problems, namely pops, with positioning of sound sources of the Extigy, especially in the nearest zone.

Updating drivers in Windows XP no longer requires a system restart. Reverberation is lacking at all, and there is only chorus which gets enabled for the whole MIDI synthesizer and which can’t be adjusted for separate channels. For a complete listing of downloads, you can manually search our database. Though the difference is not very audible.

Creative Soundblaster Extigy SB0130 Sound Blaster

It is shown by the blind tests with extiggy reswitching between the cards and listening to them on the reference Event acoustic system. But you can choose a position of the central unit – horizontal or vertical. When you unplug the Extigy or disconnect the USB cable the previous audio device will be activated and the system will return to the initial state.