Fujitsu homepage M Series. Fujitsu is a medium-sized laptop manufacturer, which did not belong to the global Top 10 in the last years. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. It’s a slight but noticeable squeeze compared to the 7. This condition should barely ever be reached in practical use, though.

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Screen and Speakers The glossy display on the M 2m010 great, which is the case with many LED-backlit netbook displays. We could record a maximum temperature increase of up to The Fujitsu M is a compact netbook in a 10 inch format. In a market already brimming with wannabes, I would have liked to see Fujitsu deliver more-daring designs, such as what it did with the U, the U, and the N which embedded a second touchscreen into an fujitwu portable.

The same applies to the given battery lifeat least with the 3 cell battery included standardly.

On the other hand, the power consumption is lower with small screen diagonals and the devices are smaller, more lightweight and cheaper. There’s nothing new to be reported in view of performance, either. At least in the official specifications a twice as large 6 cell battery is mentioned, though.

The ratings are above-average in the reviews as of The color representation is alright, but fujitssu necessary to acquire a taste for the reflective surface especially at outdoor use.


Fujitsu M2010 Operating Manual: Ethernet And Lan

Single Review, online available, Long, Date: The touchpad also offers some multi-touch functionality, including Flick, Pinch, and ChiralRotate, used to rotate a selected object 90 degrees. I really think Fujitsu took a step back and thought before they came up with a netbook to launch into a saturated market … and found fujisu interesting ways to make it stand out.

Fujitsu’s M doesn’t bid anything new for input devices. The mini-notebook makes office applications possible with this. As almost all manufacturers have turned to the somewhat input-friendlier 10 inch devices, the urge to comply must have become to strong to resist – even in Japan.

A handsome netbook that boasts super-quick performance and lengthy battery life. The hard drive requires further disassembly … something that the average user might not want to undertake.

Fujitsu M2010 Review

And now the time has come. Fujitsu homepage M Series. Fujitsu would be named here as an example for mini-notebooks. We only had problems with the English layout and with the touchpad keys in the test. Even if it’s their first, it’s the n th model available. Fortunately, the system noise usually stay discreetly in the background. Well, both speakers emitted useable sound for undemanding background musicbut in our opinion it’s quite far from being high quality.


Temperature As usual, we analysed the heating up of the case’s surface both under load as well as in idle mode over a period of several hours. The only real complaint we have is the trackpad, which was unresponsive and imprecise to work with. Fujitsu is a medium-sized laptop manufacturer, which did not belong to the global Top 10 in the last years.

Review Fujitsu M Netbook. Every now and then, a few centimeters are missing for an ideal image. Still, this was probably a poor choice, since memory and storage are the only areas of expansion and upgrade for netbook users.

There is, however, a 1.

Fujitsu M – External Reviews

Build quality is excellent with no squeaks and creaks around the chassis, and only minor flex from larger plastic surfaces.

It’s enough to double click on the found network, enter the password and With a slightly lower clock rate of 1. Large display-sizes allow higher resolutions.