Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. The two tournaments that G2 got d by GFE, they made it to the finals.. For real, Chiefs are hugely underrated. Thinking that one of the two between C9 and GFE aren’t going to be in the top 2 is almost criminal. CLG Mijo pop off pls 2. Every player is important, rizzo and kro need jknaps to play well just as much as jknaps needs rizzo and kronovi to play well. Their rotations are perfect, their passing is excellent, they play a calm, patient game, their speed is unreal, and they look like they’re everywhere at once.

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Complexity, EG – top 4 are pretty set in stone imo, but I could always be wrong 4: The opinions of this idiot moderator do not represent the views of the subreddit staff as a whole. They’re just devastating especially after a boot camp.

Chiefs might be truly up to par and make a run. C9 – EU and at least 2 of the top 3 teams, tell me something new 3: New to RL Esports? As for the 2 seed for OCE, they are developing as a scene more so then ever, but they still aren’t the same calibre and as a result I don’t see them winning any matches but if they vs EG or a low tier team, I wouldn’t be too surprised if they win if they play bad, or at least take some games.


JKnaps didn’t show up and they got swept. Also, Vitality are absolutely OP when Freakii is playing. In league play, fantastic, but at a tournament, they don’t really get into a rhythm with each other by the second or third day like other teams that have played more. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. We have yet to see C9 play a decent side, they’ve only played ghost, rogue and oos.

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Looking through all of these predictions, I see that OCE more so chiefs, but the whole scene is developing still is a massive underdog. GFE dominated them other times tho: Cloud 9 is going to stomp everyone. But if he pops off in week 4 you will hear about it. Ghost, Darksided – Ghost really shouldn’t be here, Chiefs do their normal think of beating an NA team.

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So I can see why lxn would be lower then most people are thinking. Look at the World Championship, CompLexity formerly Method had to play sooooooooooooo many more games, and if it wasn’t for the bracket reset and that fatigue, they would’ve beaten GFE. Gfee has a history of giving upsets, so if G2 makes it to the finals, they will probably be playing their best, and will win.


I think you overestimate the importance of Fairy!

gef It surprises me how low people have them rated. I understand they’ve played weaker teams so far, but they’ve only dropped one game, and absolutely obliterated Rogue. They might not get swept since jknaps is objectively better, but they would definitely lose the series.

All three players on a team need to be playing well to win against any top tier team. A lot of factors but going with EG. Remkoe is still good.

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Vitality look great and are also the last team to beat GFE in a tourney. I believe G2 to be much better than vitality.

My list is Champs: But the more creative team may have the advantage unless they can adapt faster. GFE and Vitalty look like the top ln teams to me. Maybe a little bit more of a shuffle in these bottom teams could help them push for top 4.

Yeah, I feel that GFE and C9 have hit a level of consistency that has never been seen before in rocket league.