The serial and bi-tronics parallel ports will continue to operate normally. Press Continue to clear the error message. Reduce pager complexity to eliminate the problem or use the page protection feature. While clearing paper, the top cover or the rear cover must be opened and closed again before pressing Continue or On Line to resume. Paper – LaserJet printer family paper specification guide.

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Switch the printer off and then back on again.

HP parts for CA LaserJet 4V Printer

Press Continue to acknowledge the error. Face down, flap to right.

Notice how the fuser assembly is fastened onto the door you just opened. If the error is still present, switch the printer off and remove the SIMM board.

Power Cord – Power cord Mint Gray – 2. Lever – Sensor lever – Below metal registration bp.

To install the replacement fuser you will again have to flex the panels and allow the metal bar to drop and catch in its appropriate slots on each side. With the two screws removed, pull the roller bar upwards and tilt it at an angle to face you for easy access to the rubber tires.


Foot – Left foot assembly – For the bottom of the printer. Then replace the two screws previously removed.

HP LaserJet 4V and 4MV Printers – Product Specifications

Menu items to user-selected settings and erase buffered page data, temporary soft fonts and temporary macros. Pin – Front door Right side hinge pin – Transparent in color. Paper Is jammed in the paper path or the paper jam sensor at the rear of the fusing assembly may be stuck causing a false paper jam warning. Static Dissipater – Static dissipater – Located behind separation pad.

That’s it for the fuser! The printer’s top cover is not correctly closed, or your toner cartridge is not installed correctly.

Shake the toner cartridge or replace it. With both screws removed, the black plate can now be removed. Paper – LaserJet printer family paper specification guide.

HP LaserJet 4V, 4MV cassette pickup rollers installation instructions

Status Checking for HP Unsupported Memory Size 3: Press the Enter button. Depends on how much data can be compressed with 4v/m4v Compression. An error occurred during configuration and validation of SIMM memory: Use with extreme caution.


Insert the accessory cartridge, clear any pending error conditions, then remove the cartridge. The printer identified a problem while checking its memory.

HP LaserJet 4V, 4MV fuser installation instructions

As a safety precaution wait 30 minutes for the fuser to cool before proceeding. Ensure that the paper size knob is set for the installed paper. The printer requested that an envelope of [envelope size] be lazerjet fed.

Power Module – Universal AC power adapter – wide-range, 40c – Requires separate country-specific power cord with C7 connector. Press Continue to clear the error message.

SIMM Slot 2 3: To perform a cold reset, hold down On Line while switching the printer On until 08 Cold Rest appears in the display. SIMM reporting information incorrectly 8: Medium, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic.