Any model supported by the driver Trace Output trace log of all driver calls to an XML file in the same directory as the application executable accessing the driver. Querying the instrument status is very useful for debugging. Creates a new IVI instrument driver session. Circumstances can arise where it is undesirable to send an ID Query command string to the instrument. If the IVI Configuration Store is not used a resource descriptor is passed as the ResourceName instead of a logical name then any setting that is not specified has a default value as specified by IVI. Returns an instrument handle that you use to identify the instrument in all subsequent instrument driver VI calls. It is critical to understand what options are available and how they impact driver operation.

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This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. To form the ClassPrefix VI name, use the prefix of the class driver that you are working with. Set frequency on function generator.

ClassPrefix Initialize

Here is a recap of the data flow: Cache, range check, query instrument status – both checked 3. For output parameters that represent instrument data, the specific driver functions return simulated values. If you want to use your program with a different physical instrument, you change the configuration of the logical name to use the driver session for the new physical instrument.


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If this is enabled, the driver will query the instrument model and compare it with a list of instrument models that is supported by the driver.

Learn more about our privacy policy. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. If the Interchange Check attribute is enabled, the specific driver maintains a record of each interchangeability warning that it encounters.

Initializing the IVI-COM Driver

Specifies whether the IVI specific driver performs interchangeability checking. The following code initializes the driver in simulation mode and specifies the model to simulate. It doesn’t even sound like you are communicating with the equipment. Have you disabled those to see if either of those are causing the timeout? The same error occurs when I:. August Part Number: This component exposes a CreateDriver function that accepts inutializing logical name for the driver.


Message 1 of The program throws an error that looks like a resource problem:. If you’re unsure where to find those VIs post your code and I’ll take a look.

ClassPrefix Initialize With Options

The pop-up option Explain Error or Explain Warning gives more information about the error displayed. Message 5 of IviFgen Initialize With Options.

Yhe creating multiple concurrent instrument handles to the same physical instrument. If the Record Value Coercions attribute is enabled, the specific driver maintains a record of each coercion. Once the file reaches this size, tracing will be turned off automatically by the driver. You can use the same session in multiple program threads.

If enabled, the specific driver validates the parameter values that users pass to driver functions. Although you can create more than one instrument driver handle for the same resource, it is best not to do so.

For MAX options, I’ve tried: