Connecting Fans And Power Cables Front Panel Audio Connector Board labels You can find several small labels on your Intel Desktop Board. Replacing The Battery Please do not enter contact information. Auxiliary Line In Connector Bios Setup Program

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If a BIOS update process is interrupted, your computer might not function properly.

Hard Disk Drives Submenu Pci Configuration Space Map Product Certification Markings board Level Details Of Bpp Configuration Modes Intel ge Chipset Block Diagram Desktop Board Dgebv2 Dimensions Boot Device Menu Options Power Supply Considerations Boot Device Priority Submenu Lan Subsystem Software Thermal Considerations For Components Dgebv2 Firmy Intel Scsi Led Connector Boot Configuration Submenu Front Panel Header j9g1 Lan Subsystem optional The available options for a board varies depending on drive support and BIOS update file size.


Peripheral Selection And Configuration Location Of The Jumper Blocks Click or the topic for details: Location Of Standby Power Indicator Replacing The Battery The browser version you are using is not recommended for this site.

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Hardware Management Submenu Warning And Cautions B Regulatory Compliance Connecting Front Panel Headers Accelerated Graphics Port imtel Product Certification Markings Upper Nibble High Byte Functions Chassis Intrusion Connector Ensure Electromagnetic Compatibility emc Compliance No need to open the chassis to visually inspect it.

Desktop Board Features Chassis Intrusion And Detection