The reg test tasks execute with a very low priority, so get preempted very frequently. Target error from Commit Flash write Debug port inaccessible after access at location 0x — verify population of memory and peripherals. And that one I left on my desk at the university, but need now one at home. Configure the function generator using the below parameters to start with. Lowering this value will improve efficiency. Note that vPortEndScheduler has not been implemented.

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The dialogue box that appears when “Import” is first clicked. If the LED toggles every ms, then an issue has been discovered with at least one task. The supplied value of Hz is useful for testing the RTOS kernel functionality, but is faster than most applications require. Thread aware file system. The check software timer period is initially set to three seconds. Target error from Commit Lpcxprfsso write Debug port inaccessible after access at location 0x — verify population of memory and peripherals D you have the same problem or can you help me lpcxprresso

You may need to use a timer. The queue receive task will only leave the Blocked state when the queue send task writes to the queue. You need to modify the workspace path into.

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A register containing an unexpected value is indicative of an error in the context switching mechanism. Sorry, your blog lpcxprdsso share posts by email.

Using the LPCXpresso V2/V3 Boards to Debug an external Board | MCU on Eclipse

That depends on the debug firmware running on that circuit too. After it all works together, we’ll change some code to get an effect we like. Note lHigherPriorityTaskWoken is initialised to zero.

What do you think? Lpcxpreeso interrupt nesting test tasks require that two timers are configured to generate interrupts.

Use lpcxpreso tree menu to navigate groups of related pages. Cancel reply Enter your comment here When data is received, the task checks the value of the data, and if the value equals the expectedtoggles the LED. Also, do not leave interrupt priorities unassigned, as by default they will have a priority of 0 and therefore the highest priority possible.

Using a compile time option described belowthe project can be configured to either create a basic blinky style demo, or a more comprehensive test and demo application that includes tasks that exercise the interrupt nesting behaviour.

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And that one I left on my desk at the university, but need now one at home. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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It seems that this information is not matching the part you are using. The callback function also toggles the LED each time it is called. Preparing the Eclipse project directory Eclipse projects can be either standard makefile projects, or managed make projects. If the LED toggles every three seconds, then lpcxpresdo issues have been discovered.

That way I have yet another powerful debug probe with extra features for ARM based boards. Once the value is sent, the task loops back around to block for another milliseconds. But here is my problem: What can I do?

Click the image to enlarge. A semaphore is used for this purpose. Learn how your comment data is processed. The “Reg Test” Tasks: