Wide-area automatic backlighting compensation enables beautiful photos of difficult backlit scenes Superior high-speed response that enables users to preserve those once-in-a-lifetime expressions. And it also spins through menu options so you don’t have to continually press an arrow key. Colorspace – Headshot Photographer. Focal lengths were equivalent at about 20mm. This camera worked out great. Remember not all cameras work for all people. I like a little heft to stabilize the camera when I press the Shutter button and the Coolpix S provided just that and no more.

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It is the only way to power off the camera you can also power it on with the Playback button.

Not so good for: Nikob there is an Auto scene mode. ISO shots are good at 11×14, with a hint of chroma and luminance noise in the shadows, but not bad. And it’s Smart Portrait mode made me look like I was clairvoyant.

Nikon S Review and Specs

Best Shot Selector is an auto feature that automatically selects the nioon of up to ten sequential shots. Great unit for the average point-and-shoot-person. Ordinarily the Nikon S s800 focus on subjects as close as 20 inches, but in macro mode this range is hikon to just 0.


Below that are the Menu and Trash button. Like the San Juan Islands for a week this summer by bike. Sigma announces 60mm F2. With shooting under dim lighting, the camera increases ISO sensitivity rather than opting for slower shutter speeds to allow the image sensor to acquire background lighting for bright, natural photos b Wide-area backlighting identification algorithm: Auto mode, Scene modes, Scene auto selector, Smart portrait mode, Sport continuous mode, Movie mode, Subject tracking mode.

She thought I was kidding when I raved about my success.

ISO 3, images lose much of their vibrance, with some reds almost looking brown, but detail quality is good enough for a 4×6 with fairly low noise. The Nikon S offers p 1, x pixel movie recording with stereo audio in H.

Left to its own devides, the S produces colorful, accurately exposed images ss8000 pretty much any environment. Nikon Coolpix S Resolution: What’s the ideal companion system for M43?

The memory card slot is shared with the battery compartment. The lens dominates the front of niion S and has an attractive rounded appearance that helps distinguish it from rival models, as does the neat pop-flash which automatically appears x8000 a flash mode is selected. Or worse pick out a camera based on what someone else buys normally in a brand only to hate it and try to blame the people who own that brand but not that camera for your mistake.


Once I had oriented myself to the Coolpix S, we had even more fun.

Nikon Coolpix S8000

I found out I didn’t need a Mode dial because the Coolpix S has mode buttons. We had trouble activating it, but we never mistakenly turned the camera off.

Subject Tracking maintains focus on a moving subject. NASA has shared the nilon 8K footage filmed from outer space. Brightness, saturation and colour tone can be easily adjusted using the Rotary Multi Selector, to ensure the picture shows exactly what you want it to show.

Read the full review. Add this product to your shortlist for comparison. Leica MD sample photos. The first was a dramatic if ungainly composition of a frosted glass lamp shade against a light-colored office chair with the light coming from behind.

It recognized her face right away, framing it z8000 a big green box. Its backlighting control was perfect for a first grade baseball game.

Auto white balance mode produced a warm image under incandescent lighting. Colorspace – Headshot Photographer.