I realize this phone is out of date now, but from what I’ve read about current smart phones, most don’t seem much better, as the biggest complaint always seems to be battery life, even for newer palm phones like the Pre or Pixi, and also Blackberry’s. Good Phone Bad Buy i bought this phone solely to synchronise my computer resources such as contacts, documents, images, videos, music, and calendar however since i am running windows 7 on a 64 bit processor, there was no reason to continue using it. The processor is just as fast as any replacement unit available, and the pros of upgrading just are not that strong. You may also like. Another excellent aspect of the Treo is the design of the messaging application.

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You may also like. When a call is in progress, call related options and functions are available as large on screen buttons. So when i saw they had one just like it but instead lalm was without the antenna and improved interface, i was searching all over ebay for it.

Despite its aged design, the p still looks good. Find out more about the Palm OS in my blog: I have to keep rechargers handy wherever I go. Click here for the full story discussion pxlm It runs the Palm OS. It’s still in the same spot to the left of the Palm logo, however it can only be seen it when it is actively illuminated.


Palm Treo p specs

Vista, on the other hand, isn’t as well supported. My Palm PDA isn’t lost. Unfortunately, you have no alternative, because Opera Mini crashed on my p test unit. It is a better sounding phone than other Palm models. Another thing, if you never want to connect to the VZ data network with this, call Verizon and tell them to put a data block on your line to avoid unintended data connects.

Tapping the green phone button from within the phone app will bring up a shortcut list of your recently dialed calls and can jump to your call history or the numeric dialer. The Sprint model includes a new IM application. All Had it Have it Want it.

The Best Phones of The left side has the volume keys and a customizable side button, which is set to activate the voice recorder by default. While pal are a few well known channels, most are stripped down mobile editions with brief clips and highlight shows that loop throughout the day, as opposed to actual live TV feeds.

I landed a particularly windy day for testing and the p held up well, although the other party could tell readily that I was outside and heard prominent wind noise.

The nicest element the p’s design is the slimmer and lighter form factor. Skip to main content. A technique of multiplexing, also called spread spectrum, in which aplm signals are converted into digital form for transmission. These limits are given in terms of a unit referred to as the Specific Absorption Rate SARwhich is a measure of the amount of radio frequency energy absorbed by the body when using a mobile phone.


And Bejeweled 2 is an paom better version of the game. Supposed to be better then the p, which i had only 1 problem with. The overall thumboard experience wasn’t any more difficult than earlier models, but its worth pointing out even if the changes are relatively minor.

Also included on the Sprint Treo p Verizon may not offer the same featuresis a download link for a trial version of Mobile Voice Command. Other than his home town of New York, his favorite Palm 8GB Sprint Smartphones.

Lalm old Tungsten T serves as a great GPS device coupled with my Bluetooth GPS receivera decent backup remote control for any stereo in the house, portable game player, anything really, and even my old Palm V serves a s a good ‘family’ telephone book.

Palm Treo 755p (Verizon)

The internet speed is excellent. From here you can simply start dialing numbers, or type in letters and it will display a matching contact list. The screw the current customers by not working on the update first, instead they work on a new phone. It packs in a mAh battery.