The buttons feel right though a little loud. RetroLink’s N64 replica controller seems a bit more flimsy than the traditional N64 controllers that I remember. Nintendo Switch Black Gamepads. I used the controller on a Raspberry pi 2 with the Retropie emulator. I’ve only really noticed it in Goldeneye though.

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N64 Retrolink controller verdict? I have tried my original controllers via USB converters, but think they are starting to show their age and replacement sticks don’t seem like a much better option from what I can tell.

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Retrolink Nintendo N64 Wired Usb Controller For Pc & Mac Black Classic (812820048861) Gamepad

Not cpntroller sturdy as a real N64 controller, but just as functional. Completely unresponsive joystick I used the controller on a Raspberry pi 2 with the Retropie emulator. This topic has been deleted.

I have no issues with any of the racing games and would guess that a couple hours of playing and I would be adapted. Have you used the Retrolink N64 controller to play N64 games on Retropie and if so, what is your verdict, specifically the precision of the analogue stick?

Ratings and Reviews Write a review. For the same reasons I am swaying away from the replacement stick option, as appealing as the Game Cube stick would be for its apparent durability.


And every button is mappable separately. How about the precision for aiming the sniper riffle etc in Goldeneye? The controller was recognised immediately and the configuration was easy.

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I’ve only really noticed it in Goldeneye though. Long story short, for serious gaming, OEM controllers are usually best. Sony DualShock 3 Gamepad Simply plug, play, and assign your commands to each key. See details for additional description.

First off, I’m not a major N64 aficionado so I can’t completely comment on how it compares to the original. Besides that, I much prefer the GC style stick as it’s not going to break down over time and it’s easy to swap out.

Thank you lodan-zark and mrbwa1 for sharing your experience with the RetroLink N64 controller. The analogue stick is the key concern. They are just more sensitive to directional movement.

Perhaps there will be a V4 replacement stick, which will have more levels of sensitivity and less dead zone. I would imagine you can tweak the sensitivity on Retropie so it wouldn’t be a huge issue. USB connectivity was spot on, without the need for any drivers. Reply Quote 1 1 Reply Last reply. controllfr

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N64 Retrolink controller verdict? – RetroPie Forum

See the Hosting Information page for more information. Well I have one and it feels legit, but there is a annoying issue with analog stick, it works great with horizontal and vertical moves, but it’s very imprecise during diagonal moves, so you can play racing games very good but in 3d performers you might had some troubles in some tricky diagonal moves.

To be fair, they are about the same as the cheap replacements available for genuine controllers. Nintendo Wii Black Gamepads.

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Reply Reply as topic. Thanks for all the insights. I still have originals and put a lot of research into how to rebuild retrloink analog sticks as the do wear out. However, the joystick makes contact only at the edges of its range. How is it to control Mario 64 walking slowly through to running?