I’ll be happy to try later, will look for you. Wojciech Aniszewski Thank you very much for testing. This appears to be due to a lack of driver support for the Xd reader. Confirmed on both Ubuntu 8. Now, I’m very new to this, but I’ve just done the 8. Now you can suspend and resume the system with the card normally. Also, please specifically note if the issue does or does not appear in the 2.

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Therefore I patched the sdhci kernel driver and now it binds to both sdhci and mmc devices and therefore allows you to use sd,sdhi,mmc and xD cards at same time. Two days ago I tried it without nautilus and gvfs I use Ion3 on daily basisI got some errors but now I see that gnome manages just fine.

Yes, it works like a charm within Gnome and using 2. Supports kernel from 3. The triangular prism is the unique convex pentahedra having unit edge lengths.


You can use a modified sdhci driver for mmc cards I attached. 5rc822 is of course as anything that is RW a bit less safe.

If you could join irc 5 hours from that post, I am MaximLevitsky r5v822 freenode and oftcwe could do some debugging. This patch adds the udev rule to load my driver automatically. Thank you very much for testing. DS ddswanson wrote on I spent the past week diving with Olympus loaner cameras, and the driver worked fine with the older models that still used xD media.

Ricoh R5C mounting SD Card read-only

SD card is read. You still need the udev rule to load FTL part of it.

It is still not enough for out of box experience. The information about this bug in Launchpad is automatically pulled daily from the remote bug. R5c82 Zimmerman mdz wrote on You don’t need it. This bug has been cloned on that project and is available here: Brad Johnson itsbradman-gmail wrote on It isn’t compatable with modern kernels.


Bug # ” Ricoh Co Ltd R5C SD-card reader doesn’t work any : Bugs : Ubuntu

We know that it doesn’t work. Maxim, thank you for all your work and your attention to this thread and the people r5c82 for this feature.

Bergman noeljb wrote on I thought I have the same problem aswhich is r5x822 as duplicate of this one. This issue is a request to have xD support added for a specific, and r5x822 popular, chipset. Another rule for udisk in needed.

Roman Krylov volyrkr wrote on Thanks for the effort, Maxim! Ricoh MMC Controller disabling driver [ Zinn l-zbikowski wrote on But anyway this is really minor issue. Mola smola on Same Here Lenovo N model: I was only putting it in the card reader because I forgot that it didn’t work in intrepid.