Manuals include the CutStudio Plugin setup guide, print and cut guide and a general reference guide for the GX Each of the machines uses optical print alignment giving them the ability to align-and-cut printed media in large sizes. Speed Thats Spot On. Significant new features include the addition of digitally powered servo motors for enhanced speed and performance; a new optical sensor that allows precision cutting of printed graphics; and Roland CutStudio, a powerful new easy-to-use design software. In this episode of Pro Tips, we discuss the difference between two of the most common blades types, recognizing the need to adjust your offset and general tips on maintenance for cutter blades.

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CAMM-1 CX-24 24″ Vinyl Cutter

Manuals include the CutStudio Plugin setup guide, print and cut guide and a general reference guide for the GX What can I do with this cutter? You don’t have javascript, Please click here to learn how to allow JavaScript to run on this site.

Excluding effects of printing distortion due to printer precision and effects of material expansion, contraction, or warping. Recommended Materials For details of this pack and our full range of materials click here.

Completing the Training Pack is not onerous; it will provide a sample set of project ideas – some of which are shown below – and the confidence to develop your own ideas. An error has occured. The overlap cutting function allows for up to ten times overlap cutting for difficult-to-cut substrates. The machines are quiet and inherently safe to use which makes them the most child-friendly option for a huge variety of project outcomes in just about every area of the subject.


The GS also cuts oversized images using a using an improved tiling function, and cuts true type fonts without the need for outlining. This video covers the GX Out of the box installation instructions.

Create contour cut graphics, pin-striping and rolannd for cars, trucks, jet skis, and other vehicles, create customized t-shirts, eye-catching signage. For added versatility, the GX Servo includes a unique optical registration system that automatically locates registration marks produced by a variety of print-only devices so that printed graphics can be accurately contour cut.

With included optical registration system, the GS recognizes desktop printer crop marks, perfectly aligning the media to create, precise cuts each and every time.

Thank you for sharing. The GR series of knife cutters are super-fast, high power knife cutters with advanced features for the most demanding commercial applications.

Product News

A visual representation of the GX control panel with descriptions. Roland Academy Cam-m1 On-Demand. Cutter Blade Reference Guide Spanish. With incredibly powerful cutting features, GR cutters handle a huge range of thick and thin media with ultimate precision and ease. Decoration apparel with the GX A media basket is now provided to collect cut sheets.

Roland CAMM 1 machines have set the standard for school knife cutters since their introduction over 19 years ago.

Desktop & Vinyl Cutters

Depending on the ink black employed by the printer used, correct sensing may not be possible. How to change pinch roll wheels and cutter protection strips on the GX The cutters are capable of reading crop marks on pre-printed data to accurately align graphics. The GS is Roland’s most advanced desktop camm1- cutter ever.


Sign Up For Superiority Turn heads and increase foot traffic. The GSE handles media from matchbox-size off-cuts, to mm widths up to 25m long, so it will accommodate any of the roll or sheet materials TechSoft supply with no trimming and no wastage. Included Roland CutStudio plug-in software is specially-designed to harmoniously work with Roland cutters, allowing you to quickly, easily, rolamd effectively output cut graphics, including resizing, repositioning, rotatnig, and mirroring images. The GS features state-of-the-art overlap cutting up to timeshalf or perforated cutting, and the ability to cut by line color.

Roland Introduces CAMM-1 PRO Professional Vinyl Cutters | News Release | Roland DG

Windows 8 – driver rolanc 1. With software like FilmDesign Pro, you can cut any brand of vehicle window tint with immaculate precision. Roland DG will continue to hone its expertise with cutting applications and provide customers with products that deliver unparalleled value to a broad range of industries.

This guide shows you how to cut preprinted material on the GX Please refer to “readme.