Feel free to post some more details, happy to take a look. I believe it overwrites the configuration everytime it exits — which would remove your change and not be there to load when it restarted. Hai… Can you share the wiring circuit from pc to motor? I did it on a machine that I have with XP and it worked. It will be really appreciated. It works fine and the newest addition of custom output setting is just what was required. Hi, Thanks for the comment.

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I have also tested it on another system with windows 10, but it is causing same problem. The scope is shot.

My plan is to take the tube off and mount a yagi. Then click the button to the right of the dropdown to start sending data and launch the application: It will be great if it does both like the wispDDE as your one has the possibility wispddde choose Comports greather of COM4 that WispDDE does not do but your one has this option but cannot, or i cannot find for wispddr radio.

Your email address will not be published. Dear Alex, I have checked updated version, but it stops working when I link it with Orbitron. In there just specify it to send [AZ] and in your arduino code it would be as simple as: It will be really appreciated. Sispdde is generally left to the receiving device to process it as the user wishes.

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Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Third option may be to manually change the permissions of that settings file yourself so that your user has write access. I would initially opt for dd-mm-yyyy or yyyy-mm-dd for the DATE and hh: Hope it goes well.

It can send all available satellite information including widpdde and radio data down one wispddee port but only one at this time. My recommendation for an easy start would be to use an arduino and a motor driver module. Elevation when below the horizon 0 degs is normally shown as negative so I would be interested in knowing the requirements for it to wixpdde be positive.

Orbitron DDE Azimuth Elevation To Serial – Trips in Tech

Please have a go with that and let me know how it goes! It may also be worth mentioning that you need to have your text editor running as wispcde administrator to edit the Orbitron config file if you have installed it to the default location in program files. Thank you so much. Sir How would you go about writing code wiepdde arduino uno to use just AZ only to rotate an antenna.

I can see a scenario where one may want to send the position down one port and the radio data down another though.

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Hi Matteo, Thanks for the comment. Your request is something that can be done when I have some time. It was really helping for me. If not do it byte at a time — there are loads of reading serial port examples out there for arduinos.

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Not sure how to make the arduino look for the information. You can edit the config file to change the baud rate. It will be really appreciated and will be of immense use to all experimenters wspdde well. So are I am doing something wrong, using Wispdce I did it on a machine that I have with XP and it worked.

The zeroing of elevation should not be a problem. Hi, Assuming you have serial communication to your arduino you can use the serial commands to get the string sent from the dde azimuth orbitron plugin.

Thanks in advance, Matteo. When running my DDEObritronToSerial plugin you can give it a format string which it will use to format what it sends down the serial port to your, for example, arduino. Hi Sebastian, Thanks for the comment.

I have a problem with win