Month: January 2021

Travel to Southeast Asia

As a four-decade Certified Travel Agent, international airline employee, researcher, writer, teacher, and photographer, travel, whether for pleasure or business purposes, happens to be a significant with an integral portion of my life. Some 400 trips to each and every portion from the globe, through road, rail, sea, and air, entailed destinations both mundane and exotic. This article concentrates on those in Southeast Asia.


Although the land in the King of Siam was overcrowded and, no less than in Bangkok, smeared with traffic-created smog, if offered enough vestiges to move me returning to its early history.

Its dazzling, awe-inspiring Grand Palace, inbuilt 1782 plus the home from the Thai King, the Royal Court, plus the administrative seat of government for 150 years, served because city’s very landmark.

Surrounded by walls, whose length measured 1,900 meters, it had been built for the aim of restoring order following your fall of Ayudhya, whose monarch lived in Dhenburi, for the other side in the Chao Phya River. But, after Rama I ascended to your throne, he transferred its center of administration to your current site, constructing fortifications, monasteries, along with a palace to offer as his offices and residence. That was known as being the “Grand Palace,”

Its upper terrace sported four significant monuments: the Reliquary from the shape of a golden cedi; the Repository from the Cannon of Buddhism; the label of Angkor Wat; as well as the Royal Penthouse, through which statues of past sovereigns with the ruling dynasty are already enshrined.

Scattered around these monuments about the terrace were fanciful animals of mythology, which themselves arose in artist imagination for their aesthetic value.

North with the Royal Residence with the Mahamopnitien would be a connecting gate that opened on the grounds in the Chapel Royal from the Emerald Buddha. Because monks didn’t reside there, it lacked residential quarters, but retained all in the architectural top features of a monastery.

The Assembly Hall served since the monarch’s private chapel, nevertheless its “Emerald Buddha” was a single-piece jade figure which sat over a gold altar meant to represent the original aerial chariot related to Hindu gods. It was here that crowds gathered to spend respect to his memory and teachings.

The Vimanmek, earth’s largest teak wood mansion, was the six-year residence of Chulalongkom, who has been also often known as Rama V and therefore the fifth monarch of Siam to obtain ruled within the House of Chakri. It marked the transitional period in the conservative “old” on the progressive “new” in Thailand’s history.

A leisurely glide over the Chao Phrya River brought comprehension of Bangkok’s canal life plus the boat docked at Wat Arun. Locally referred to as Wat Chaeng, but nicknamed “Temple of Dawn,” it absolutely was colorfully decorated with spires.

I often threaded my way through the obstacle-course comprised streets in a very three-wheel “Thai tuk-tuk” by day and consumed all kinds of Thai noodles by night-rice, egg, bean, and glass–in never-disappointing dishes.

Rising on the horizon in a subsequent day’s drive to Nakhon Pathom a major city in central Thailand, was the 120-meter-high Phra Pathom Chedi, itself translating because the “Holy Chedi with the beginning,” whose roots were planted within the 3rd century BC when Buddhism was brought to Thailand. Modeled following Great Stupa of Sanchi in Central India, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, it turned out the tallest such chedi around.

A visit for the Rose Garden to try out its Thai Village Cultural Show was another immersion to the country’s colorful pageantry. Amidst expansive gardens, elephants, reminiscent in the days when king and princes fought battles on their backs, roamed the vicinity. But the actual show included such aspects because the ordination in monkhood, the fingernail dance, Thai-style boxing, northeastern dance, sword fighting, the complete moon-associated bamboo dance, as well as a Thai big event.

The colorful Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, about 100 kilometers southwest of Bangkok, was another immersion into local life. Its canal-thronged, long-tail boats floated almost within reach in the dizzying variety of shore-based stalls that sold from local produce to toy elephants and tiger balm.

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